18" f/4 - D18 


We know it has been quite a long time since we have offered any telescopes smaller than 22 inches in aperture, so it is with great pride we re-introduce our 18" model.

The completely redesigned D18 features an 18" primary mirror by legendary optician Carl Zambuto.  At f/4 this is the fastest mirror Carl has ever offered commercially, and of course, Webster Telescopes brought it to you first.

Leave your ladder at home.  With only a 69" maximum eyepiece height, you are going to be observing with your feet on the ground.

At under 90 pounds total weight, the D18 is actually lighter than many "ultra light" scopes, yet much more stable.  You only are lifting 13 pounds when you use our included wheelbarrow handles. 

Easily moved about by one person.  Leave it assembled in the garage and roll it out for instant use.

The D18 was designed from day one to utilize the Argonavis and ServoCAT.  No bulky controller boxes or tangles of wires hanging outside of the scope waiting to become damaged.  The wires for the controls run INSIDE the Control Stalk.  Even the dew heater wires for the secondary mirror run inside the trusses.   Here at Webster, we believe out of sight is out of harm's way (and of course, it doesn't hurt that it looks great too). 

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Of course at no extra charge, the D18 comes with:

Feathertouch 2 speed focuser with deluxe adjustable base

Spherical Bearing Mirror Cell

3.5" 1/10th wave Secondary Mirror

Telrad Finder

Rip-stop Light Shroud

Wheelbarrow Handles with 10" Pneumatic Tires

Scratch-proof Roadex Rocker Box Covering. 


Eyepiece height at zenith =  69" (175cm)

254 square inches of aperture

A = 27.25" (69cm)

B = 24.75" (62cm)

C = 20.75" (52cm)

D = 22.75" (57cm)


Truss Length 45.75" (116cm)

Overall Height 76" (193cm)

Swing Radius 58" (144cm)

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